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Electric Power Pressure Car Wash/Cleaning Sprayer

Battery-powered for powerful washing anywhere.

With built in batteries, with different spray nozzles types you can multi use this sprayer for any project in your house.

Wash your car in minutes and pressure wash your sidings and steps.  

Since its portable you can take it anywhere as you wish. 

Removable batteries for easy charging. USB-Type C charging. 

Just put the end of the hose in bucket of water, bottles or anywhere where water is provided.  

Note: This device cannot connect to regular garden hose. 





Model: Portable Electric Car Wash Water Gun
Length of Outlet Pipe: 2 (m)
Power Cord Length: 2
Voltage: 5 (V)
Color: Black
Charging Port: USB Type-C Interface
Charging Time: 4-5h
Maximum Pressure: 0.7MPa