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Honeycomb Touch Wall Lamp


So Much Fun!

Easy assembly and Installation.

Can be combined with different numbers of modules to create the desired pattern, which can be used as an illumination night light or as a wall decoration artwork. 

There are a variety of colors to choose from you can use all the same color to arrange the combination, or you can combine them with different colors.

The product consists of a number of plastic hexagons that can be joined together by magnets and locking patterns to form a touch screen wall light. Magnets that make up the physical connection between the components also allow current to flow from one to the other.

Uses touch sensor to turn the power to each component on and off. You can also change colors by touch. The basic idea of the product is to allow the user to convert the internal architecture of the space into a light source. It allows the user to illuminate the path they touch by simply sliding the wall surface

Light source type: led light
Voltage: 100-240 (V)