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Motion Sensor Magnetic Back-Lit Night Light


Back lighting design: Softer light without being dazzling 150 Days: long endurance Dual induction: PIR human body induction+photosensitive induction Magnetic installation: Easier pick and place

Magnetic Base: can be firmly attached to the groove of the lamp body, integrated with the contour without occupying space. The lamp body can be taken down and placed at any place where light is needed

Lasting Battery Life: Lights up to 150 nights.

The Built-in dual inductive elements can intelligently recognize different light and shade environments. Do not light up in the daytime while automatically. Lights when motion is detected. 


Battery capacity: 500 mAh
Color temperature: 4000 K (natural light) / 6500 K (white light)
Size: about 108 * 60 * 22mm