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Multifunctional Ratchet/Screwdriver Toolbox

Multi-functional ratchet wrench and screwdrivers. 


24Pcs Industrial grade S2 chrome molybdenum alloy steel screwdriver heads, with continuous heat treatment process.

Assisted high precision CNC integrated molding, carburizing thermal refining, industrial grade life. 

5 categories of screwdriver heads, meets the needs of professional, home, work, DIY, and maintenance.

6.2 degree ratchet labor-saving design, 58 tooth positive and negative turn ratchet structure, save 80% effort.

Forging die pressed super strong aluminum alloy, out of ordinary steel strength, 1/2 of regular weight.  

Comfortable to use with out fatique. 

Easily recognizable color ring design, the access to the screwdriver heads are faster.

Size: 160x36x92.5mm