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Divoom Ditoo Smart Pixel LED Bluetooth Speaker/Games/Daily Functions

Meet Divoom Ditoo
Our most popular retro style bluetooth speaker with 3.55 inch led screen.
Ditoo delivers powerful 360 degree sounds through its fine-tuned driver and mind-blowing bass radiator. The seamless surround provides an immersive audio experience that cover the whole room.
10 DSP bluetooth speaker. Speaker with 10 watts high-performance drivers... pumps out more volume.
Pixel Art kit- with Divoom App you can spark your imaginations with this smart pixel kit. Create pixel art designs, animations, and display texts with a cool background. You can share and interact with other pixel art fans around the world through Divoom free app. 
Great gaming toys for all ages. Built-in classic and nostalgic games, you can relax yourself from day's hard work.  Play mini games, remix, or record favorite track with DJ mixer. Everything is possible through the Divoom app.  
Improve your sleep experience with the calibrated lighting and sounds. You can even customize the wake-up ring with your own voice. 
Ditto is capable of many helpful daily functions like... smart alarm. weather report, sns notifications, 5000+ online radio, daily planner and more!